An Inspiration

After telling my mum, dad, brother and boyfriend that I was starting a blog I soon realised that word was foreign to people of all ages. I instantly got strange looks and the question, “what’s that?”

A blog is not just an online diary, you can make it whatever you want it to be (check out my aims here). I realised this when I came across ‘Today’s Letters’ – a fun, informative blog by a husband and wife that share the love of God, food, travel and relaxation. They share advice, recipes and letters. If you have two seconds that you are happy to turn into an hour, check this site out but beware you may be caught reading for longer than expected. Today’s Letters is an inspiration to me and what made me want to pursue my own blog – somewhere I can share the things I love and do with YOU!

Topics and pages that I love reading from ‘Today’s Letters’ are:
* About Today’s Letters
* {Our Story}
* {10 Things} That Made All The Difference
{A Small Metal Box}


I would love your feedback and comments!

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