I Love You THIS Much

Have you seen the This Much Card on Pinterest? I made one for Mr J for valentine’s day 2012 and between you and me, it was easy-peesy and within anyone’s budget. You don’t need an excuse to make one of these, why not surprise your best friend with one today?
All you need:
Paper of your choice
Alphabet stickers (optional)

All you need to do:
1. Trace your hands onto your chosen paper
2. Cut out your hands along with one long strip of paper approx 3cm wide
3. Fold the strip of paper in accordion style.
4. Stick your stickers (or write with textas) ‘I Love You…’ on the front of your first hand, then stick or write whatever you wish {the original card wrote ‘… this much!’, where as I wrote ‘…this much & so much more!’) on the accordion strip.
5. Glue the accordion strip to the inside of your hands
6. & now go and make someone’s day! :)


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