Public Holiday Plus {incl Homemade Cold Rock!}

Today, the 25th April 2012 we had a day off work and school for this reason. As much has this day had so much meaning for obvious reasons, it was also a great way to spend time with my loved ones.

At 12.30pm Dad, my brother &  girlfriend and Mr J set off to Hahndorf, South Australia for lunch. Once we hit the main street – cars EVERYWHERE! A real tourist town. We did a mainy twice, tried to park but was confronted by a standing only zone and sat in cues for minutes until we reached the Hahndorf Pizza House car park. We dined in and polished off 3 pizzas, garlic bread and chips {yes, we are machines!}

The pizzas were scrummy and I recommend!

Dessert: Homemade coldrock!!
Venue: Home
Ingredients: m&m mix up, oreo biscuits, gummi bears, chocolate topping, vanilla ice-cream
Method: Mix anything and everything together and enjoy!

Not only do I love food, I love my family!


3 thoughts on “Public Holiday Plus {incl Homemade Cold Rock!}

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