No Sugar Challenge

Yesterday was my start of a 2 week challenge without sugar (excl natural sugar) which will include 30mins of excercise per day.

I use to eat healthy and excercise regularly until I tore ligaments in my ankle 3 months ago. Since then I have not had the same motivation as I used to and can feel it in places I shouldn’t! I want to do this challenge so I can get back on track and maybe conquer some of those sweet tooth cravings that make my knees go weak {like this and this}. If anyone wants to do this challenge with me, please let me know and we can encourage each other!

– After dinner, instead of ice-cream have a bowl of yoghurt or fruit OR instead of dessert, drink a cup of tea with no sugar {I’ve got a thing for camomile at the moment!}
– Drink plenty of water
– Instead of eating lollies, eat nuts
– Don’t keep chocolate in visible places


One thought on “No Sugar Challenge

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