International No Diet Day

Yesterday – 6th May 2012 was International No Diet Day. I know I’m a day late but not too late to “Plate Up The Positives” 

International No Diet Day (INDD) is an annual celebration of body acceptance and diversity.

I never knew such a day existed, but wow! Mary Evans Young is a GENIUS.

The idea of INDD came to Mary Evans Young over a coffee break. The women were discussing whether or not they would eat a biscuit. She became irritated by everyone’s comments: “Oh, I’ll just have one”, “I shouldn’t really”, “Oh all right then”. When Mary Evans asked the group “What do you think would happen if you spent as much time and energy on your careers as you do on diets?” it was as if she had struck a match.

Go to this site to fill your brains with more on this cause. Please!
You still have time to participate.


2 thoughts on “International No Diet Day

    • I love knowing you actually read this! Thankyou :)
      Yes, I agree.. Tom has every excuse to eat whatever and as much as he wishes for his birthday {along with everyone celebrating with him too, ofcourse!}

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