Minute Motivators

I have a bookshelf at home full of books i have never read and barely looked at. I flicked my eye over some of the paperbacks the other day and came across this one. Although it states ‘for teens’ – it is relevant for everyone!

In brief, Stan Toler motivates us to:

  • Give God your best
  • Be nice on purpose
  • Learn to enjoy daily routines
  • Say “I’m sorry” when you’re wrong
  • Ask God to forgive you
  • Work hard
  • Honor your parents
  • Find the funny in everyday life
  • If you borrowed it, return it
  • Dream big dreams
  • Manage your minutes: everyone has the same 1,440 minutes to work with each day
  • Overcome failure with faith
  • Stop and smell the popcorn – relax!
  • Never seek revenge
  • Spend time with your grandparents
  • Volunteer your time
  • Laugh a lot
  • Budget your money
  • Don’t take all of the shortcuts
  • Date people you think you could marry
  • Learn to be patient

& this one jumped in my face the most today:

  • Don’t borrow tomorrow’s troubles: “Live one day at a time” … as long as you are going to live one day at a time, you might as well choose today. You can’t do much about yesterday, and you certainly can’t do anything about tomorrow until it gets here. Do what you can TODAY.

We can get so distracted with life that we sometimes forget to focus on the small {but important} things. This book helps you realise what those things are.


2 thoughts on “Minute Motivators

  1. Never seek revenge is a hard one to practise – sometimes makes you feel better when you leave the top off the toothpaste and you leave the toilet seat up!!!

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