A Day In My Life {Thursday} Part 1

I had already snoozed my alarm twice by this time. My bed obviously did not want me to get out as it was providing me with so much warmth and cosy-ness this morning. I checked my phone to find that my home town was shedding a frosty 9 degrees celcius which added one more reason to stay under my covers. Only one thing, I have life to attend to.

Mr J joined me for my morning walk. I ate breakfast. Made lunch. Got dressed and maked-up.





Driving to work this morning was beautiful!






Another day in the office.






Lunch time! After seeing the sun through the front windows all morning, I got to experience it myself. I posted some letters, ate, walked and was visited by a friendly lady beetle.

To be continued


6 thoughts on “A Day In My Life {Thursday} Part 1

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  2. I wonder what happened to the lady beetle that you saw on May 10. I remember the old saying: Lady bird, lady bird fly away home…. and aslo remember that some thing as small as that is a creation of God.

  3. Wow!!!!!!! Nine degrees celcius would make the sack or in my case the pillow feel awfully good. Where I live it seldom gets below 20 degrees celcius. You had an experience with a beetle mine was with a manatee. That’s a small difference in size. (beetle probably .5 grams / manatee probably 1200 pounds) I took a film clip of them and put on my site. Of course I don’t have to drive to work. Did dig up a bone or two and spent some time training my human.

    • Thanks for sharing this Sandy. I couldn’t imagine if the weather rarely got below 20 degrees.. It’s lovely to snuggle under the covers on those cold nights! There’s only a slight difference between a beetle and manatee haha, looks like you had fun in the water though.

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