Lettering Love

Many things can create happiness… a letter is one of them.

Dear Letter,

Seeing you lying in my mail box brightens my day. You are funny, considerate, informative, kind and make me smile. Secretley, your are my favourite… between you and me, those window-faced letters {aka bills} don’t sit right with me.  Thankyou for sharing the love amongst my friends and I. You can come over anytime!

Yours Sincerley,
Teagan Kahla

If you enjoy receiving personal mail, there’s a high chance others are in the same boat. Phone and electricity companys find it so easy to send window-faced letters to our mail boxes therefore it shouldn’t be any harder for us! 

Why: It’s a great way to keep in touch {the old fashioned way} and share the love.
What: Anything! 3 words. 5 pages. Photo. Charm. Drawing. Joke. Quote.
Where: Letters don’t need to travel via snail mail, why not leave a note on the kitchen bench for your partner or on the toilet seat?

It’s ALL up to you.

Make someone smile. Today.


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