Me Facts

I can’t sleep with socks on. My feet need to breathe {occasional midday naps are different}. I admit though, the chilly weather over the last two nights have resulted to socks warming my toes. A debut.

One of my goals in life is to renovate a house. Watching The Block, reading Inside Out, working in real estate, friends experiences, before & after’s and pinterest excite me to do this.

I enjoy cleaning. I’m happy to clean the house {minus the toilet}. I love a clean house but my own bed rarely gets made and clothes are often piled on my bedroom floor.

I love vegetables. While referring to my cooking, Mr J once said “If something isn’t right, just add more veg.” Often when I dine out I will order a vegetarian meal and if I’m cooking a recipe that suggests 2 different vegetables, I’ll add 5. {Check out this and this recipe}. I do enjoy my chicken schnitzel and barbeque too though.

I can’t have my car door open or car radio on for more than a couple of minutes without the engine running. I get paranoid my battery will go flat.

I hope to do a mission trip to Africa. Teaching English to children or helping build houses and facilities.

Some people have a favourite season. I don’t.
I love Autumn. I was born! Changing of colours. Falling leaves.
I love Winter. Cosy bed. Rain. Layering of clothes. Soups, stews, curries.
I love Spring. Blossoms. Pretty colours. Warm weather.
I love Summer. Light clothing. Bright. Beach. Salads. Late warm nights outside. Fresh fruit.

I like surprises. Not the kind that involves someone jumping out from around the corner – these give me urge to poke them in the stomach. Pay back!  

I would love to hear any of your quirky ‘Me Facts’. Please share?

Thankyou to all my readers. Today I reached over one thousand, one hundred and forty hits since I starting posting. Thankyou for your encouragement, support and feedback. I hope you continue to enjoy your experience at Living Life Today.


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