Enjoying the small things

Over the last couple days, I have been able to enjoy things the little things. Things that I haven’t done for a while…

I took in the scenery as I went for a drive in Adelaide. We really are the city of churches, but what beautiful churches some of them are!

I visited T2, finally! What an amazing store. I even got the taste-test choc chip chai, mmmm.

I helped complete a puzzle with my family and MrJ’s brother. I forgot how fun these were and how much time flies. This one was super tricky with MANY colours and curved edges. I’m glad I didn’t do it alone!

Don’t let the little daily opportunities and events get away from you. Take a moment to breath, laugh and enjoy.
What are some little things you enjoy doing?


3 thoughts on “Enjoying the small things

  1. The little thing I Love dong and will miss when it is gone is lying with my kids at night when i tuck them in and say a prayer. Sometimes it’s the only one on one with them I get in the day and I know it won’t happen for ever so i’m making the most of it while I can.
    We also like gong for a kick of the ball or a stroll on the beach at sunset as s family. Free but fun

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