My Doings

In the last three days I have:

*Read God’s word {Romans 6 was a highlight}
*Ate soup
*Lived in maximum 14 degrees celcius weather
*Worn layers, big scarfs and my NEW fingerless gloves {fingerless so I can wear them all day and still type & write} as a result of above
*Used my travel mug {filled with chai tea!}
*Completed a crossword
*Listened to the rain on the roof while be snuggled under my bed covers
*Gave Mr J a card with 126 reasons why I’m thankful for him
*Attended work each day
*Cancelled netball training due to the massive amount of wet coming from the sky {aka rain}
*Looked into a travel card for overseas – 45 days to go!
*Tried my new bag on to make sure it still fits after a couple days – excitement might have a little bit to do with it too {maybe!}

& now I’m super dooper excited to spend some time with my bestie tonight. We will be eating Mum’s homemade chicken noodle soup and covering ourselves with blankets watching McLeods’ Daughters {or alternatively a good old chick flick!}. We’ll need some warmth for this weekend considering we will be getting down to our bodysuits for netball tomorrow {forecasted temperature: maximum 13 degrees celcius}, brrrrr!

Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans for the weekend?


2 thoughts on “My Doings

  1. I tried to wash but despite the watchful of of BJ it did not dry (Saturday evening). BJ read what you did over the past three days and just said: ‘Oh to be young and excited about a trip away’.

    • The weather has defintley not beencooperative with the washing on the line! Unfortunatley I had to play netball in it, but it made the shower afterwards so much more worth it! BJ, I’m very excited!

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