Favourites {Movies}

I had a lovely Friday night with a friend who has been my rock for the past 14 years of my life. We enjoyed homemade chicken noodle soup {delish!}, talked and shared chamomile and spearmint tea in front of ‘Prime’ and McLeods Daughters. The heater was great company too!

Some of my favourite movies at the moment {at no particular order} are:
*Into the Blue *The Tourist *Prime *Love and other Drugs *The Prestige *P.S I Love You *Crazy Stupid Love *Finding Nemo *Cars 1 & 2 *Coyote Ugly *Step Up 1 & 2 *Devil Wears Prada. (Go here for your favourite movie facts)

What movies would you recommend?

It now 12.14pm on Sunday. I’m in my comfies {clothing} and due to the time I should be eating lunch I’m only up to breakfast. Bacon, eggs and pancakes made by Mr J.

Hasta la proxima {Until next time in Spanish}


2 thoughts on “Favourites {Movies}

  1. An unplanned weekend turned out to be great. Only thing that was planned turned out to be a failure: watched the Crows on Saturday night?!? Sunday was great – visited a friend who recently had a knee operation and then went to Hahndorf (along with many others) and visited long-time friends from our Hahndorf days. Great memories relived! Proves that long-time friends are so precious as you found out with your friend on Friday night.

    • That sounds like a lovely weekend, it was great to hear you had time to get out and about. Yes, it wasn’t good news about Crows, especially since I tipped them this week. Long-time friends are extremely precious, they are definitely keepers considering they have been able to put up with us (and wanted to) for such a long time.

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