Satay Chicken in a Puff

This meal was a hit with the family last night. The recipe makes 8 parcels.

750g chicken thigh fillets, chopped
4 spring onions, finely chopped
4 puff pastry sheets
1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter {possibly more if you are likely to share some with your mouth!}
2 tablespoons sweet chilli sauce
1 teaspoon soy sauce
220ml coconut cream
1 egg, beaten

1. Combine the crunchy peanut butter, sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce and coconut cream in a jug and set aside.
2. Brown your chicken in a large frying pan
3. Add the onions and cook for a further 2 minutes
4. Pour the peanut butter mixture over the chicken and stir. Simmer until it thickens slightly, then set aside.
5. Cut the puff pastry sheets into halves and place 1-2 tablespoons of the satay chicken mixture onto each
6. Brush the edges of each pastry sheet with the beaten egg and fold into parcels
7. Place in the oven at 220 degrees celsius for 20-25 minutes, or until golden brown
8. Serve hot with steamed vegetables



I would love your feedback and comments!

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