A hug can make a day

Cute. True. Adorable. Peaceful. Love.
Everytime I look at this photo I smile.

There are times when we all need a hug. A hug can say something words can’t. A hug can give reassurance, support and love. It can show someone committment, patience, happiness and need. Hugs can make a day.

Don’t take hugs for granted. Cherish them.

I wish you a wonderful LONG weekend! I’m excited. Do you anything planned?


2 thoughts on “A hug can make a day

  1. It’s quite strange now that we are retired. Long weekends have a different meaning than when we were working.

    From the same book from which I have quoted before:
    ‘S is for a SMILE…
    Unleash the power of a smile.
    Smile at strangers. Smile at trees.
    Smile at misfortune.
    Smile at yourself in the mirror in the morning.
    Smile just for the sake of it.
    Soon fortune will smile back at you.’

    So, this long weekend I will go out and smile at lots of people and lots of things.

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