My June Long Weekend

It felt like holidays until I had to wake up to my alarm this morning and go to work. What a wonderful weekend it was.

Friday Night
*Dinner with Dad which consisted of pork roast and TWO desserts {sticky date pudding + berry crumble}!!

*Breakfast at The Store . Lovely morning with special friends and great food.





*Travel card for America purchased ~We can only hope that the dollar improves in the next couple weeks.
*Bought a dress to wear to the wedding in Florida & shopped a little more










*Home cooked meal by Mr J, followed by dessert in front of  The Illusionist

*Picked up Mr J’s grandma and attended her church. Nana M then treated us to lunch with her fellow church goers.
*Walked Marion Shopping centre – bought one funky note book from Typo, only $3!
*Dinner with Mr J’s parents
*Chocolate brownies and America talk with Mr J’s relatives {former American residents} – we now know the best shopping spots within Tampa, Florida!
*Home time and a wonderful unplanned 2 hour talk with Dad

*Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning – the house is spotless and feels great!
*Roast dinner with my family

I relaxed, laughed, went with the flow and enjoyed every minute. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.

Happy Tuesday {which feels like a Monday}!!


I would love your feedback and comments!

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