Aboard the Private Pullman Car ‘Desire’

Last night I went back to the 13th June 1940. I departed from platform 7 at Gare d’Austerlitz Station on my way to Southern France. I was the host of a dinner party, with the guests being my parents and their friends. The night consisted of conversation, food and mystery. It was a Murder Mystery Party. All guests arrived in miraculous costumes unknown with what to expect. The night was filled with laughter, accusations and great company. Definitely something we will do again in the future!

Time flew.

Once again, this weekend has been and gone before my eyes. I coached netball, played netball, murder mysteried, went to church, spoke to some special people I haven’t seen for a while, had a SAYCO meeting, laughed lots, cried, hugged, ate too much yummy food and asked God for forgiveness daily. Busy but brilliant.

22 days until I leave my home state and 16 days until Mr J leaves the country. Time has stopped walking and started sprinting! It’s getting closer.

I hope you all had lovely weekends and enjoy your week ahead.


2 thoughts on “Aboard the Private Pullman Car ‘Desire’

  1. Thank you host Teagan, for the organising the night that we pretended that we were on a train out of Paris, great catch up with great friends, got to wear my wedding dress again after 25.5 years and pretend to be a princess ! Loved all the new people I met Khover T. Ageante, Malcolm R, Conntint, Mary K. Traire, Wey (way too long name), Baraba Z. Enhussie, The Duke, and Belinda Screete. So much fun, with Mike, Alf, Julia, Dave, Julie, Linc and janine. Special thanks to you for making it happen x x

    • It was a wonderful night and made even better to see you all enjoy yourselves, relax and laugh. It was a pleasure to organise because you both deserved it! Must do it again.

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