My Wed-nes-day

I’ve recently noticed every time I go to write Wednesday, I have to say it as Wed-nes-day in my head {even though I know how to spell it!!}. Habit.

Not a lot has happened today. I’ve done the same routine I’ve done every Wednesday. Woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed, did my make-up and hair, drove to work, sat at my desk, responded to emails, wrote a contract, ate lunch and now waiting until the end of the day.

However, I would like put it like this:
This morning I woke up, still laying in my bed I made the most of the warmth before I had to get up into a house that has had no heating for the past 10 hours. I peek through my blind to see the gorgeous fog sitting around the trees. I stand up and put on my well-worn ugg boots and over-sized jumper. While enjoying a big bowl of cereal I read the catalogues sitting on the table dreaming about what I would buy to go into my own house one day. I over hear the exchange rate on TV for America is $1.01 and get a tad excited for this.  Per usual, I get dressed for work, do my hair and apply my make-up. Driving to work I thank God for the opportunity to earn an income. I arrive at work and start answering the phone with a husk-ier voice than normal {due to the slight cold I’m getting}. The next 5 hours go quite fast due to the amount of work I had to do. I especially enjoyed my pear at lunch time as I read our local paper. The next 3 hours are a tad slower but bearable. I’m looking forward to another night at home, with no plans and ready  for my busy weekend to start tomorrow. I’m happy.


3 thoughts on “My Wed-nes-day

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  2. I have been on school camp with JJ and when we woke this morning in the swag their was a fog hanging amounst the trees. This was a special treat as it’s not something that happens in Darwin very often and it made me think of Camping in winter back in SA. I just lay there for a few minutes looking at it and appreciating how beautiful it looks amoungst the trees the the smell of camp fire hanging in the air. God is Great

    • God is great!! What a beautiful atmosphere. Reading this, it reminded me of the time we camped/stayed at halls Gap with the family. We sat around the fire at night and slept cosily at night. Would love to do that again with everyone.

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