Going with the flow

Not sure what to think about today. I’m excited but nervous, relieved but scared, happy but sad. Today marks the end of something and the start of something else.

Today was my last day as a receptionist at my current job. I was made redundant and have had 2 weeks to prepare for this day. I knew it was coming therefore  I wasn’t in too much shock when I received my notice however the unknown leaves me a weeney bit nervous. I haven’t been in this position before.

Positives: It has fallen at a good time, I now have 2 weeks to prepare and wind down for the big trip. I don’t have to rush to pack and get everything done before I leave. I can make lists and tick things off. I can sleep in, bake, clean, shop and do as I wish for a little while. I can experience home holiday time which is overdue since mid 2010. I can start a new hobby/project. I can see friends.

The plan: To use this time to organise the last bits for Mr J & my holiday. Relax. Pray. I will ask friends and family to look out for jobs that may suit me as my trip starts coming to an end. On my return, job hunting!

I trust God that everything will work out.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded.
I’m going to go with the flow – God’s flow. 


7 thoughts on “Going with the flow

  1. What an emotional day… they were very lucky to have you. Full of admiration for you and your positive outlook. Say happy birthday to the man from us. xx

  2. My baby girl, you make my heart pump with proudness (and my eyes weep :)) what a beautiful woman you are…outside and in…as Dad said in the note on the kitchen bench when he went to work before we were up…a new chapter begins….wonderful to see you approaching this with your head held high and God by your side. Much love x

  3. What a mature and beautiful young lady who has SO MUCH to offer. My heart is full of pride and I’m crying as I read about your feelings. BJ and I feel like this about you: imagine how God must feel as he watches and listens to you as you find his plan in your life (and all the other people who are his children) – maybe that’s why the oceans keep filling (with God’s tears of happiness).
    My desk calendar usually speaks to me and June 26 says: ‘Spiritual disciplines are simply a means of appropriating or growing the life that God graciously offers.This is why they are sometimes called a ‘means of grace’. [‘The Life You’ve Always Wanted’ by John Ortberg]
    Praying for you and Mr J as you celebrate his birthday and prepare for this amazing chapter that’s about to be written.

    • Thankyou so much Nan. To hear this from you {& Farnder} lifts my spirits so high. I have recently come to terms with ‘things don’t always happen how I want them too, it’s God’s plan’. I’m very thankful for the life I have and the people who have brought me up this way – that includes you!

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