Happy Birthday Mr J

Joyeux anniversaire {French}
Feliz Cumpleaños {Spanish}
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag {German}
Donec {Latin}
Buon Compleanno {Italian}
Mutlu {Turkish}

Happy Birthday {English}

Today Mr J turns the big 2-0! I have been able to share almost 3 years of those 20 with him and it has been a privilege. Mr J has taught me a lot, whether it be how to differentiate between different car brands, what the difference between rugby and gridiron is or that I know more than I think I do. He has been a big part in my life.

I wish Mr J a wonderful birthday and I’m looking forward to dining out with some good friends tonight to celebrate the end of some teenage years and excitement for the future.

Ciao, for now.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr J

  1. Happy day of birth to Mr J…no longer a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!..I’m sure and hope he forgets this when you hit Disney World. Smiles and love x x

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