Brilliant Baking Bonding

I had a wonderful day today.

While the sun hid behind the clouds and the rain came down, I enjoyed the warmth of my home. Not having to rush out of bed at any particular time I snuggled under my covers looking forward to a relaxing day.

This afternoon I had the wonderful company of my best friend. With chocolate, condensed milk, butter, sprinkles, cream and other yummy flavours laid out on the kitchen bench, we began baking. We caught up and laughed over some productive cooking. Together we baked 2 birthday cakes, 1 lemon slice and some melting moment biscuits. All looking fabulous!

With two birthday parties this weekend {one being for this reason & the other for my bro}, this needed to be done and time flew. I love being able to spend time with a girl I call my sister, best friend and inspiration. We are ourselves around each other {I’m sure we all have someone like that in our life!}.

The cakes we made were easy, it’s all about the decoration. Use a basic chocolate cake recipe and go from there! Fingers crossed they taste as good as they look.

Happy Friday!! I hope your weekends are fabulously full of fun!


2 thoughts on “Brilliant Baking Bonding

  1. What yummy looking cakes. I hope we can share one with our family tomorrow.
    A small quote from one of my favourite books:
    F is for Friendship ‘Friendship is cheaper than therapy, often deeper…’
    Pray that you always appreciate your friends.

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