Not Long for Mr J

Last weekend was spent with family and friends laughing, reminiscing, talking and enjoying each others company. We said our goodbyes to relatives as we only have a short time left in Australia, until we return in August. As of now, 9 hours until Mr J flies out of Adelaide on his way to South Africa. It has come around so fast, I remember when I was counting down from 136 days! Today we conquered 3 loads of washing, enjoyed some last minute shopping {after catching the obarn into town}, packed Mr J’s suitcase, tested Skype and cleaned an overdue bedroom. Finally we have time to sit down, relax and watch a movie before we hit the sack, ready for an early drive to the airport tomorrow!

This time next week, it will be my turn! Nerves are kicking in but we both know excitement will overcome that soon enough.


3 thoughts on “Not Long for Mr J

  1. Excited for your adventure, missing you already and you are still here. x x. Happy flying Mr J and find my girl in Sydney x x

  2. Was so pleased to be involved in your reminiscing. Fly well Mr J and enjoy South Africa.
    Song 878 says ‘Your love surrounds me like a tent around me on a dark and stormy night …I will live with you forever in the house of God.’
    Happy countdown to your departure on this great adventure.

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