Opportunity Shopping

Mum, my brother, his girlfriend and I left this morning on a mission to find a formal suit. Four and a half hours later we had visited 7 opportunity shops and a few other common stores. No suit. We did gain a suit jacket for $5, a tie for $1 and some shoes. I gained a sleeveless woollen jacket $4, some funky sunnies $3 and a cute purse $3 – along with some new shoes, skirt and scarf from other stores.  Bargains!  I have a new appreciation of op shops and was amazed we found 7 within 40 minutes from home. Great way to make the day zoom by.

Mr J update: Yesterday we left home at 4:30am for the airport and waved Mr J goodbye, ready to watch his plane depart at 6:00am. I have since received a message that he has arrived safely in Johannesburg after a 14 hour flight. 


3 thoughts on “Opportunity Shopping

  1. Congratulations on good shopping! You can certainly agree with the old saying: ‘Someone else’s cast-offs are some else’s treasure’. You are certainly in to count down: excited?

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