2 more

The last few days have been busy. 2 more sleeps and I’m flying {literally!}

I have started packing… on my floor. I’m not game enough to put anything into my bag just yet. If I pack it away now, I can guarantee myself I will be unpacking it tomorrow night and re-packing it to make sure I have everything. Bonus -I have been told that everything is quite cheap in America so if I forget something, bring on the shopping!!

I’ve had a couple skype conversations with Mr J. He is enjoying his time in South Africa. He told me that “it’s not what he expected”, “everyone drives Volkswagen Golfs” and “KFC do home deliveries!” {I’m sure we will get more detail about his week very soon}. It is the wedding day today where Mr J’s best friend marries the one he loves. Mr J has his best mans speech ready which I’m sure will make everyone laugh.

Other activities that have taken part in my last couple of days are: dying my hair dark brown, painting my nails, girls night {with titanic, home cooked dinner & dessert, laughs and minimal sleep}, started knitting, coffee/tea with a friend, cleaning my wardrobe and family time!!

I hope you are all staying warm and having wonderful weekends.


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