Mr J’s time in Johannesburg

When I spoke to Mr J about his time in J’berg recently I shared what he said here. I have since been able to speak with him about his week and these were his highlights:

* His best friend got married {Mr J was best man}!
* Got to play touch rugby with the church group the morning before he flew out
* Met some awesome people
* Persuaded numerous people to barrack for Port Power in Australian Football League
* Although the flight over was boring, the flight home was quite the opposite. Mr J got bumped up to premium economy and experienced the excellent service and comfort. He managed to get 5 hours sleep which made the flight go a little faster.
* Finding out that it doesn’t rain in winter – this explains why it’s so dry.

After 6 days in South Africa, it was time for Mr J to leave for Sydney. However, he already has people inviting him back and has a room to stay in if he does. Great start to a 6 week holiday.


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