Florida, Day Two

Day two in Florida was very relaxing for Mr J and I. We thanked God for a wonderful, well needed sleep last night before heading to the first floor for a complimentary breakfast. The breakfast included bacon, eggs, pancakes, cereal, bagels, doughnuts, hot cinnamon rolls, scones (aka biscuits to Americans), yoghurt and more. We filled up on breakfast therefore didn’t need lunch! After a large bite to eat we went for a tourist walk through the Main Street, visited the Pier and took lots of photos {See the photos below}. It was a beautiful day! Mr J had a swim in the hotel pool while I sat in the sun enjoying the scenery. We spent the afternoon relaxing at our hotel.

Tonight I helped Mr J’s aunty set up for the wedding rehersal dinner, which is tomorrow night. Although we are in America, the rehersal dinner is Australian themed. I then joined Mr J’s relatives for dinner. While I was doing this Mr J was out with the boys for the groomsman’s bucks night. They will be coming home very tired after going here followed by dinner out. I’m still to see Mr J, to find out what he thought about it.

Today the receptionist at our hotel informed me of a bike hire shop straight behind our hotel. There is also a popular bike track running past our hotel. How convenient! Mr J and I are definitely keen to spend a couple hours on a bike. We will also be researching the bus route tomorrow to see if we can fit in some shopping or other sight seeing.

The weather has not changed and we got our daily storm. Still not used to looking left, right, left when crossing the road.

Click on the photos to enlarge


4 thoughts on “Florida, Day Two

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  2. About crossing the road and looking: Left right Left…You’ll eventually come to find that as normal..then comeback struggling with Right left right =) Soak up the sun =D

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