The day after the wedding

Family day. Today Mr J and I enjoyed a day with family that Mr J has staying within Florida. After breakfast we spent the morning with Mr J’s cousin, wife and their son at a park enjoying the sunshine and their wonderful company while we watched Mr J’s second cousin on the play equipment. After a good hour of talking and playing we turned up the air conditioner in the car as we drove to have lunch with Mr J’s Aunty, Uncle and cousin. We enjoyed the leftovers from this night. We then headed to Countryside Mall (a Westfield) and did some shopping which followed by a lovely dinner out with Mr J’s cousin and family before they headed on their 4 hour drive home. We ate at a Mexican restaurant for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. The company assisted that also. Mr J and I were very thankful that his cousin and family were staying in the same hotel as us, not only were they very helpful and thoughtful by giving us lifts over the weekend but we also we able to get to know them better and enjoy their company, it was wonderful.

One more day in Tampa and then we bus it to our next destination on Tuesday.

Did you know that 4 way stop signs exist? They do in America. Who ever gets their first, gets to go first – that’s how I understand it.


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