Rest, Cycle and Food

We woke up tired today. Mr J and I forced ourselves up this morning to eat breakfast before it was close time. Once we finished eating out cereal, bacon, eggs and pancakes we snuck a doughnut and some yoghurt back to our room to save for lunch. We tend to fill up on breakfast which will generally last our stomachs until dinner, therefore less money spent. We touched base with home on skype and relaxed in our hotel watching a movie {I may have fallen asleep, or as my Dad says “I watched the TV with my eyes shut”}.

After a couple hours in an air conditioned room we hired two bicycles and went for a ride along the Pinellas Trail. It was a chance to drive in American traffic, on the wrong side of the road {for Australians} and experienced more ‘all way’ STOP signs. Fun. It was warm but the breeze was cooling. After riding for one and a half hours we stopped for ice-cream and went back to our hotel to jump straight into the pool. After not seeing a squirrel at all this week, today we saw at least three.

Showered and fresh now. Mr J’s relatives visited us at our hotel to say goodbye. A taxi picks us up after a morning wake up call, early in the morning. Due to such an early start we cleaned and packed up our room before heading out for dinner at a American style pub tonight. Mr J filled up on a porker combo {pork sausages, pork ribs and 1/4 chicken) with sweet potato fries and garlic mash, while I enjoyed my rainbow trout salad baguette with greens. It was nice.

Mr J and I are looking forward to starting our days as big kids tomorrow. Preparing ourselves with sunscreen and watching the disney channel on our widescreen tv.


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