NY Learnings and Sightings



22nd July 2012
Mr J and I took a different tour to yesterday. We saw the opposite side of New York (Downtown) as well as touring through Brooklyn. In the midst of the tour we hopped off the bus and lined up for our Statue of Liberty cruise.  Within 45 minutes we were aboard the boat and moving towards the statue. This was amazing, not only were we up close with the Statue of Liberty, we also had a beautiful view of New York from the sea.

Today we learnt that more people live in Brooklyn than in Manhattan. The Empire State Building was built in 14 months and still holds the record for being the largest building for the longest amount of time. Rockefeller Centre holds 21 buildings including the Rockefeller plaza. We saw where David Beckham lives, one of the biggest department stores in the world – Macy’s {I’ve already booked time to go there!}, Union Square, Maddisson Square Garden and Park and alot more.

We grabbed sandwiches for dinner tonight which we ate in our hotel room. We then headed for our night bus tour which took us over the Manhattan Bridge giving us a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the New York lights. We found our new favourite icecream store – Coldstone {Similar to Cold rock in Australia but better!}, shopped through 3 stories of M&M world {my brother would be in heaven!} and then headed for sleep.

Today we met two groups of Australians. After hearing American accents for two weeks, when we hear an Australian accent it stands out from a mile. It’s still hard to believe that’s what we sound like. The first group we met were from Townsville and the other group joined us for the night tour and were from Mitcham, SA! This family were lovely and gave us some tips for our trip as they had been in New York for longer than us and had already been to San Francisco. We giggled together about how different New York is to any where in Australia.


One thought on “NY Learnings and Sightings

  1. You are blessed if you find contentment in life’s simple, priceless joys; if you have a quiet spot to retreat from all the world’s noise (A Little Bit of God in Every Day). Sounds wonderful X

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