A Moving Day


This morning Mr J and I caught our tour bus to the 9/11 memorial. This was an eye opening experience as we read the details and timelines of the event. We saw letters and dedications to the people that were lost and we stood where the twin towers stood. Mr J and I bought a jumper each, where all proceeds went to the 9/11 memorial. We walked though St Pauls Chapel. This was a place that served as a relief mission for recovery workers at Ground Zero. It was a beautiful chapel with amazing and touching displays inside {see photo above}. We caught a bus back to Times Square for lunch and spent a couple hours chilling out in our hotel room before hitting the sites again. We couldn’t go too far tonight as it starting raining in New York City but we did manage to go to Madame Tussaunds and have encounters with many famous people. Mr J was especially excited to have a photo with Yao Ming, Charlie Chaplin and Samuel L Jackson plus other sporting stars. I enjoyed the presence of Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Whoopie Goldberg, Spice Girls, Carrie Underwood plus more. After time with the famous we went for some ten pin bowling just down the street. It was fun. These two things were free with the New York Pass we purchased a while ago. The rain doesn’t stop anyone in NYC.


4 thoughts on “A Moving Day

  1. May your heart find peace and comfort in the knowledge that you are never alone. May God’s presence ease your spirit and give you rest. He knows how you feel… (A Little Bit of God in Every Day)
    It’s amazing how you can read about these events but to actually stand where it happened is a mind-blowing experience. Cheers…X

    • That’s exactly how we felt. We knew about what happened but wasn’t until we stood amongst the area and memorabilia that we truly understood and were touched by it all.

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