A Day at the Museum

24th July 2012
This morning Mr J and I walked 45 minutes to The American Museum of Natural History – the museum that Night at The Museum was filmed at. We saw animals and other objects that starred in the film including the Easter Island Head “Dum Dum” who we got a photo with. We then experienced our first Subway ride home before eating subway for lunch.

Shopping time!! Money was spent and time flew. I gained some dresses, jeans with a difference, a jacket and top. Mr J gained some bargain shorts, shirts and jumper. Fun. A good 4 hours later we found some dinner and trekked to Rockefeller Plaza where we used our New York Pass to get us to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. Sixty-seven floors later we felt as though we were on top of the world! We had a view over the entire New York City and eye balled the Empire State Building. Amazing was what it was. Some time later we walked back to our hotel just in time for midnight and sleep.


4 thoughts on “A Day at the Museum

  1. Live in the moment (Patrick Lindsay)
    ‘Too often we worry about the future, and brood about the past. Focus your energy on the present. In the present you’re as alive as you can be. Your decisions are spontaneous. Your heart is open. Your spirit is free.’ Remember that God is in the past, present and future. XX

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