Down Time – Check!

After an eventful day yesterday, today has been very slow for Mr J and I. We have enjoyed the yummy-ness of New York by eating Hershey chocolates and other sweets, made the most of a comfy room and the view of Times Square. We have planned our last full day of New York {which is tomorrow}. I have caught up on Pinterest, blogging, journalling, answered emails and had skyping time with family this morning. Mr J has enjoyed the many sport channels on our 42 inch television.  Dinner will be simple followed by some fresh air and walking time, then an early night before a busy day tomorrow. We needed some down time, being in a new place definitely wears you out more than you expect. We have enjoyed the little things today and are excited to enjoy more new things in a sleeps time.

Something to remember:
Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn

As we finish our Thursday in the states, I say Happy Friday to the Aussies! I hope your days are enjoyable and fast so you can jump into your weekends with smiles.


2 thoughts on “Down Time – Check!

  1. Patrick Lindsay says: Be happy… Spread love
    ‘It binds us together, it validates our lives.
    It gives us meaning. It brings compassion.
    It lets us see with new eyes.’
    It sounds like you used your down time to revitalise: go now and feel the love from SA.

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