Hello Canada!

29th July 2012
We got little sleep after washing our clothes and finalising our plans for today but managed to get up for a complimentary breakfast. We ate way too much delicious food but it sustained us until a late lunch. We caught our plane at 10:10am with no delays or hassles. Yay! Our plane was much littler than normal. The trip flew {literally!}, we were up in the air and down again before we knew it. Once we arrived in Vancouver we waited in a long line to get through customs and get our passports stamped again. We caught a taxi to the Greyhound bus station which was where we withdrew our first amount of Canadian currency {Canadian money is much ‘prettier’ than american money!} We organised and paid for our bus ride to Whistler which was scheduled to leave at 3:00pm. Our bus ride was two and half hours. Mr J slept. I witnessed the most beautiful landscapes and scenery I have ever seen! Canada is incredible and this was only the start! We arrived in Whistler and found our hotel without too much hassle. 7.30pm came around very quickly which was when we started meeting the other 50 people on our Contiki tour. Surprisingly over half of them are Australians {we are the only Adelaide-ians}, along with other people from America, England, Mexico, Germany and France. There even is another Teagan on the trip {spelt T-e-g-a-n though}!!We went out for dinner with everyone which followed drinks in the hotel bar. It has been very easy to talk to people and fit in as everyone is in the same boat as us – they don’t know anyone, they want to have fun, travel and make the most of their time. We are excited for the next 10 days! I can’t wait to share with you what we will be involved in. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Hello Canada!

  1. BJ’s comment was: ‘Even more beautiful than the Adelaide Hills?’
    ‘It is God to whom and with whom you travel, and while He is at the end of your journey, He is also at every stopping place.’ (Elisabeth Elliot)
    Sounds like a lot of fun about to happen. Enjoy. X

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