If one delay wasn’t enough, why not chuck in three more?

28th July 2012
It was strange to be catching a plane today and for it to not be at a ridiculous hour in the morning. I hadn’t experienced that since I left Adelaide. We waved goodbye to New York City as we caught a shuttle bus to the airport. Mr J and I arrived 2 hours early to hear that our plane had been delayed by 1 hour, 15 minutes. We were now leaving at 5:15pm. Another announcement informed us it had been delayed again to 6:30pm. We were a little frustrated but at this rate we could still make our connecting flight in Portland so we stayed calm. Things changed fast… we were then delayed to 7:20pm. Majority of flights from New York were delayed or cancelled due to the weather and storms coming through. We understood that they are looking after our safety but also worried about our connecting flight and deadline to get to Vancouver. We got on the plane finally and were ready to take off. We still had hopes that we could make our Portland flight until the pilot announced that they had forgotten to cater the flight, they had to call the caterers to come and fill the plane with the appropriate refreshments. An hour later we found our selves moving on the runway. We were going to miss our flight. At this stage we had got all our frustration out and left it to God. We put this situation in His hands and trusted that everything would work out. Nothing we could do now, at least we were moving.

We arrived in Portland, Oregon airport 5 hours and 13 minutes later where staff had already re-booked our flight for the following day. This meant we would miss the departure of our Contiki tour from Vancouver tomorrow. I rang our tour guide and he was extremely helpful, he instructed us where to go, what transport to take and where to meet the group. We organised a hotel room close to the airport and caught a taxi there. A positive out of all of this was that we could do our washing, shower up and sleep in a very comfortable bed before a packed 11 days. Prayers that tomorrow goes smoothly.


2 thoughts on “If one delay wasn’t enough, why not chuck in three more?

  1. I wonder if your tour guide’s name was Jesus?
    From ‘A Little Bit of God in Every Day’
    … No circumstances can block God’s love. No grief is too hard for Him to bear. No task is too difficult for Him to complete.
    Continue to enjoy your adventure even if the excitement for the day is being able to do some washing. X

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