Last activities in New York

27th July 2012
Mr J and I started our day heading towards 5th Avenue in search of New York’s Public Library. We found it. It looked impressive from the outside but was very hard to navigate around on the inside, it was as though they had made it hard for tourists on purpose. After some photos in front of the library we started our walk to Central Park. Along the way we stopped at a few stores including a Lindt store. Bad idea – Chocolate was bought. This store had so many flavours of lindt that I had never seen before, Mr J and I had to try some. We only could afford to look through the 6 floors of Tiffany & Co. and visited the apple store which is open 24/7!! Mr J and I located Central Park and started our stroll. It is massive. 843 acres is quite hard to navigate through therefore we bought a map. We sore baseball fields, green ‘paddocks’ to kick the ball or have a picnic, volleyball courts, cafes, restaurants and lakes. We paid US$12.50 to hire a row boat and paddle along one of the lakes in Central Park. We had the boat for an hour which was enough to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

It was around 4:00pm when Mr J and I decided to catch our first New York taxi. Definitely an experience as it had its own TV for the passengers and very comfortable seating. We got dropped off at one of the biggest department stores in the World, Macy’s. Nine floors of every shoppers dream. After fighting temptation to buy something Mr J and I walked 8 blocks back to our hotel room to get ready for The Lion King in broadway. The show was everything we could have hoped for and MORE. We had goosebumps from start to finish and would do it again any second. Money well spent and definitely recommended. Incredible.

After a busy last day in New York, we managed to see the end of the Olympic 2012 opening ceremony. We will be cheering our home country on from the states and Canada, go Australia go!


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