Many angles of Canada

Today was amazing. New experiences everywhere! I’m in awe of how beautiful Whistler is and I’m so excited to see what the rest of our tour has in store for us. This morning Mr J and I joined majority of our tour group for a canoe along the River of Golden Dreams. This was a beautiful, clear and clean lake with a view of mountains and silence all around. Picture perfect. The lake lead onto a river which we paddled on for approximately two hours. Minor rapids included. Mr J and I had the paddling down pat! We had to concentrate when riding on the rapids as no one wanted to capsize or fall into the water. The water was from the snow from the mountains – freezing! We had worked up an appetite from this activity therefore we enjoyed some Canadian hamburgs and fries for lunch. At 2.45pm we met with 8 others to participate in zip-lining. OH MY GOSH! This was beyond amazing and something that words or photos can not explain. We swung above the tress, over creeks and between valleys. Four zip-lines later we had gone over 90km/h, screamed, laughed and had enough adrenaline pumping to do anything {See the photo above – we swung on those cables}. Mr J and I felt so blessed and happy to have the opportunity to do this. The time came to take off our harness’s and helmets and go back to Whistler. We were sad for the fact the time was over but excited that our adventures aren’t over. We had some time to chill out before going out for dinner with everyone at an Irish pub. This was nice. I tried a tried Canadian Cocktail – it was disgusting. My food was good though. We sat with a couple from Germany who have worked in Toronto for the past 10 months, we learnt a lot over such a short amount of time. At 10pm, the day was not over, we joined everyone at a local club for an ’80’s night. We felt young. When some found out I wasn’t even born then, they were shocked. A couple hours later we were back in our hotel ready for sleep. Bring on tomorrow!


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