Blood Pumping Good

1st August 2012
Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month!

Mr J and I started the month off in Dennys Diner with pancakes, bacon and eggs fuelling ourselves for another 5 hour drive towards Jasper. Today we entered the Rockies region. Amazing mountains. We stopped for a picnic lunch at Mt Robson. Mt Robson is quite shy as he rarely shows his head through the clouds. After some food a group of us swapped buses ready for our next adrenaline pumping activity. White water rafting. Exhilarating, rough, extremely wet but so much fun. We got chucked around in our 8 passenger raft along Fraser River for 12 kilometres. We were skilful enough to not fall out, instead we had a choice to swim in the freezing melted-snow water with a wetsuit to protect us. Mr J and I jumped in as we knew this was an opportunity we wouldn’t forget. It was cold. The German gentleman we met over dinner here leant me his jacket for the ride home, how lovely!

We reached our hotel in Jasper. It reminded me of the hotel in some of those British comedies with moose heads hanging on the wall, old wallpaper and floral covered arm chairs. Good vibes. We settled in, had time for a warm shower and then headed out to a brewery for dinner which was followed by drink at the bar within our hotel. Tonight we experienced something only Conitki participants experience. A shot which was invented and only drank for Contiki people, only at this hotel. A Beaver Licker. It has it’s own Canadian touch, with maple syrup whiskey and butterscotch schnapps. A ritual. The night ended very well, we spent it talking to our fellow contiki-ers including S&A.


5 thoughts on “Blood Pumping Good

  1. Beaver licker! hahaha, I hope it was yummy :)
    Meryl streep was a white water raft leader in a movie i watched recently, will have to show you ;)
    Can we have a photo of A&S?, they sound like a lovely couple and I want to put a face to the names :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Looks like you could train for the 2016 Olympics (slalom kyaking not beaver licking).
    Again I quote Patrick Lindsay:
    Be happy…
    Amaze yourself
    ‘ We use such a small amount of our capacity.
    We constantly err on the side of caution.
    Take the leap.
    Extend yourself.
    Move out of your comfort zone.
    It’s worth the risk.’
    Continue to be extended and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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