Wildlife, Water and Rest

2nd August 2012
We were straight into it today. We traveled on our bus once again, stopping to see our first Elk on the side of the road. Maligne Lake welcomed us with sourvenir shops, a café, wonderful views, fresh air and walking tracks. These were the things that Mr J and I enjoyed while others enjoyed an optional cruise on the lake. The lake was beautiful and calm. Maligne Canyon came next which was where we had a glimpse of our first black bear {we only managed to get a photo of the back end of it}.This afternoon was relaxing, we were able to do anything at our own pace. Mr J and I explored the cute little shops, grabbed ice-cream from coldstone creamery and watched the hailstones fall from the sky. We also had some time to sit and talk with some family on skype before we heading out for a pizza tea. We talked to some new people. We left the pizza bar for a catch up with A&S before we had an early-ish night for a big day tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Wildlife, Water and Rest

  1. The back end of the black bear sounds exotic!
    Patrick Lindsay in his book ‘Be Happy’ says:
    ‘Every day, open your mind to something new.
    It can come from nature, from others or from within.
    Be aware.
    Question the mundane,
    Allow new things into your consciousness.
    Relish the change.’
    You can certainly did that today – glad you got that ice cream and a time to shop – go girl! (to quote sbk)

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