Day of Scenery

3rd August 2012
Today was big. Boarded the bus at 7:15am to venture to some fast flowing waterfalls. We visited a trading post for breakfast where we bought a pina colada muffin, made fresh and served warm. Yummy. Our drive consisted of amazing views, mountains and wildlife. Mr J and I saw our first grizzly bear munching on some greens. We arrived at The Columbia Icefields where we caught a monster bus {their tires are five feet tall!} onto a glacier. Mr J tasted some of the glacier water as I played in the ice {to me, it was so close to snow}. It was cold but wonderful and fresh. Today we ate lunch with some ground squirrels before a nap on the bus. We had a birds eye view of Lake Peyto. I have never seen anything like this – the water was a very unique, aqua colour and so still. If you look carefully you are able to pick the shape of a wolf out of the outline. Lake Louise came next, an amazingly beautiful lake with a mountain backdrop. Mr J and I explored the shops and hotel in this area. We found out that to stay in this hotel for a night, it can range from $400 to $5,000 per night. Wow! We can only wish. Our final stop was Banff. Here we are staying two nights in a chalet. We are very happy to be sharing this space with A&S. After settling in, we had a group photo before going out for a buffet dinner. The night ended with Karaoke at the bar. Many, many laughs and fun. Confidence kicked in and I managed to sing ‘Man, I feel like a women – Shania Twain’ with the other contiki girls, ‘Wannabe – Spice Girls’ and ‘Sweet Dreams – Marilyn Manson’. Awesome night. Looking forward to a mini sleep in tomorrow too.


One thought on “Day of Scenery

  1. Patrick Lindsay in his book ‘Be Happy’ says:
    ‘Be happy…
    Chill Out
    Take time out.
    Walk in the park.
    Browse in a bookstore.
    Relax in a cafe.
    Go for a run, or swim,
    Have a laugh with friends.
    Break the cycle.
    Then return with your batteries recharged.’

    Sounds like you did some of these things the other day. Enjoy and keep smiling!

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