Last day of Contiki, last day in Canada

7th August 2012
Last day of contiki therefore last day in Canada. After a hot breakfast Mr J and I explored parts of Vancouver. Chinatown and their Chinese garden received a visit from us, it was beautiful and we also got to meet the biggest goldfish we have ever seen {at least a foot long!}. We walked the streets, visited some interior design stores and grabbed something to eat from 7 eleven, including two free slurpees! Slurpees are the biggest cause of brain freeze ever. We relaxed in front of some live music for an hour before we headed to the local Sears for some shopping therapy {keeping in mind that we need to save money for our last adventure in the States, we resisted many ridiculously low prices}. On our way back to our hotel we visited the local candy store and then rested prior to meeting our fellow Contiki-ers for a dinner cruise at 5:30pm.

The dinner cruise was wonderful. 49 of us made a little extra effort to smell nice and look fancy. We sailed around the entire Vancouver Island which took over two hours. During this time we relaxed, socialised and consumed a very tasty buffet dinner followed by chocolate cake for dessert. We finished the cruise in the dark, dancing under a disco ball. The group traveled on our Contiki coach for the last time back to our hotel. After we got dropped off we walked to a night club for a couple drinks, a dance and to say goodbye. Saying goodbye was hard – we had spent the last 10 days with such a lovely group of people, people that live all over the world. Where possible we have all connected on facebook and now have contacts in Germany, England, New Zealand, Dubai and other areas in Australia in case we need a bed in the future. What an experience we have had – Mr J and I would recommend travelling this way to anyone {between the age 18-35}. Go here if you are interested.

Tomorrow we say hello to San Francisco and cable cars!!


2 thoughts on “Last day of Contiki, last day in Canada

  1. Way to go, Mr J!

    I sensed a sadness in your last couple of blogs and knew that you would find it difficult to say ‘see you later’ to the group of contiki friends. At least with modern media you can stay in touch. I thank God that you now have more names on your contact list.

    A man dies and leaves a name, a tiger dies and leaves a skin (Chinese saying)

    Celebrate with great joy (Nehemiah 8:12)


    • It was definitely hard. Sense of sadness in my last blog posts could also have been because Mr J and I are feeling extremely exhausted. We are now in San Francisco and enjoying some down time. It’s been a huge month and have enjoyed it all

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