Travelling every direction

Mr J and i got a semi-sleep in this morning before eating a yummy chicken, tomato, cheese, lettuce crepe for brunch. We got to try some of these popular candies as we walked to find the line for the cable car. Mr J and I caught a ride on our very first cable car to Union Square where the shopping was at. The conductors make sure there is no room to move on these cars and they are also quite slow but definitely worth the experience. I managed to find some outlet stores within Union Square and spent a couple hours browsing through shops. Mr J secretly enjoyed this too. We caught another cable car to a very popular street in San Fran. Lombard Street. Amazing! Who ever knew that you could drive down a street so windy and steep? & who was the one who designed this? After taking photos, walking down and up and witnessing many tourists filming themselves as they drove down the street we caught another cable car back to Fisherman’s Wharf to dress in warmer clothes and grab some dinner. I then fell asleep to this.


2 thoughts on “Travelling every direction

  1. Lombard Street sounds like a good street on which to practise hill starts. Sounds a little like Brisbane.

    Be happy…
    ‘Our memories are a treasure trove,
    our living photo album.
    Take time to visit your memories.
    Spool through them.
    Enjoy them.
    Learn from them.
    Then add to them.’ [Patrick Lindsay]

    What you did on 11 August certainly added memories to your photo album.

    Enjoy! See you soon! XX

    • Mr J and I were only saying to each other today, we would hate to learn how to drive a manual in this city. There are so many hills!
      i’ve got lots of photos to put in a photo album when I get back. I’ve already got lots of ideas of what I’m going to do :)
      See you very soon! X

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