Play Ball

Mr J and I caught this and the subway to here for some baseball today. Mr J said he has never used his voice at a sporting match as much as he did today. For those who know Mr J, that’s amazing. He loved it and so did I. The atmosphere was exciting and fun. The game was worth the money. Go Giants! We cheered and watched for over three hours but it felt like so much less. Excellent! We caught the same transport home but in reverse as earlier.

Tonight we have enjoyed the heated pool, organised our last shuttle to an airport in the states and packed our gear ready to leave. As we lay in our hotel, Mr J and I are amazed how fast the past 6 weeks have gone. Tomorrow we start our many hours of flying. We are sad our holiday is coming to an end but very excited to share the stories and photos with family and friends.

Mr J and I didn’t have time to see the Golden Gate Bridge other than this day but we did find out some cool facts…

  • The total length of the wire used in main cables is enough to wrap around the earth 3 times (129,000 kms)!
  • They used 297,475 cubic metres of concrete to build the bridge
  • The bridge weighs 811,500,000 kg
  • It took 1,605 days to build the bridge
  • See the photo of me with a cable for more facts!

I’ll talk to you when I’m in another timezone, bye for now.


6 thoughts on “Play Ball

  1. Dear Teagan and Jamie
    This may be our last blog so I want to quote from ‘Be Happy’ by Patrick Lindsay…
    He says ‘Be happy…
    Look at the big picture
    Too often, life pushes in on us.
    It narrows our vision.
    Listen without filtering.
    Observe without prejudice.
    Allow things to wash over you and open your mind.
    See things against the past.
    Consider them in the light of the future.
    Take an expansive view.’

    Ralph Waldo Emerson says: ‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.’

    I thank God that your trip has been wonderful (and at times scary), but it is something that you share, and we look forward to sharing through photos and lots of talks.

    Praying for God’s continued protection as you return to your families and to us. XX

    • God works in wonderful ways. You will not believe how much those words mean to me and that they have come at a perfect time. I love you. Thankyou for your prayers and thoughts! X

  2. It looks a bit cold, shouldn’t you be wearing jeans ;) JOKING!!!!
    anyway have a sweet flight(s), fill me in on the latest movies. and sleep. because you’re going to be a busy girl when you get home! :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • You make me laugh!! I regretted the decision of wearing a dress that day! I love the thought of being busy when I get back, maybe after a bit of proper sleep. Love you heaps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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