Our Last Stint

14th & 15th August 2012
A late night/early morning and many laughs with Mr J ended our holiday in America on a high. Today we hopped on a plane, prepared for twenty-four hours of flying. We got through the first flight of nine hours with no sleep and company of some good movies, like this one. The second flight, we managed to get 7 uncomfortable hours of sleep and the view of a gorgeous sunrise. It didn’t take long to get through customs and security in Sydney but due minor delays we missed our flight to Adelaide, which then followed by us being informed that Mr J {apparently} didn’t have a ticket home. A couple hours later, and after some communication with staff and our travel agent we sorted the problem out and were on our way to our home city {after picking up some of these of course!}. Joining some Australian olympic athletes and an ex-Getaway cameraman we made it home to see family greeting us at the gate. Excitement filled my body to see these friendly faces and to start sharing stories. I stayed up as late as I could to try and conquer jet-lag.

Some things I’ve learnt and realised while being away in America & Canada

  • I love ice-cream {sometimes way too much!}.
  • God’s timing is perfect and He will get us through anything and everything.
  • Everything involving a public toilet is automatic – the flush, the water, the soap, the dryer.
  • Tipping is a must,  not an option.
  • 1 cent coins are a pain and have no use {no wander we got rid of them!}. They are easy to collect but hard to give away.
  • Public transport is easy and inexpensive.
  • Wake-up calls were lifesavers.
  • I love adrenaline rushes such as this and this.
  • I love my family and friends an incredible amount. For their support, prayers, thoughts and guidance prior, during and after this trip.
  • Chill out time is sometimes just as important as a jam-packed day.
  • Money has a skill of disappearing faster than expected.

4 thoughts on “Our Last Stint

  1. Tears again, happy ones!!!
    so happy that you are back,
    so happy that you shared your trip with us,
    so happy that you and Mr J got to explore another side of God’s wonderful world together.
    Thanks for Living Life Today

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  3. Ditto to Katrina’s comments.

    I admire all your dot points: but in retirement agree with 1, 2, 6, 9,11.

    Thank God for your strong faith.

    To quote ‘A Little Bit of God in Every Day’
    ‘Faith is peace in the midst of a storm,
    determination in the midst of adversity,
    and safety in the midst of trouble.
    For nothing can touch a soul protected by faith.’
    [Barbara Cage]

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