I love the feeling of productive days, a cup of tea in my cold hands and knowing I have a Lord, friends and family who love me. Things like this I have to cherish and remember while I sit at home waiting for answers and direction.

Due to what happened in June and coming back from the states I have found myself on many job searching websites the past few days. I have applied for many more jobs than one. Waiting. As I pray for patience, I have had time to sort out the hundreds of photos from our trip and am excited to print them and start decorating and displaying!

Today I applied for uni. One step forward. I have also made it half way through this incredible book. One thing I’m grateful for at the moment – time.

Happy Wed-nes-day.


One thought on “Time

  1. Patrick Lindsay in ‘Be Happy’ says:
    Be happy..
    Follow your heart
    ‘First, you know your heart.
    It knows things your mind can’t understand.
    Listen to it.
    Listen above the crowd.
    Be open to it.
    Let it guide you on the big decisions.
    Be true to it.’

    BJ and I thank God that you know that God made your heart and gave you a mind; so as Patrick Lindsay says: Follow your heart.


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