Favourites in cooking

Today I cooked this, which turned out extremely yummy for a wintry, cold day. I recommend this recipe if you haven’t tried it!

I didn’t want to stop there… I made cookies with Favourites. Choc chip cookies with a twist. As I didn’t have any choc chips, I exchanged them with some chopped Favourites {including, dairy milk bubbly, cherry ripe, cadbury milk chocolate,  and boost} plus hersheys (from America!). Smelling delish, I tasted a fresh, warm cookie and found it melted in my mouth. I had bursts of cherry, caramel and chocolate pieces throughout the entire experience. Cookies taken to another level! My weekend has started well.


One thought on “Favourites in cooking

  1. ‘We never prepared one battle plan without at least one alternate plan.’
    General George S. Paton

    So chocolate chip cookies became ‘favourites’ cookies and sounds like they may become favourites for many.

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