Fun throughout

Today started with a lovely walk and chat with a long-time friend. We strolled past the beautiful green paddocks and animals the Hills have to offer. As I got dropped off home, I gained a gorgeous cardigan and top which was handed down from my friend. Privileged! This afternoon I spent hanging up a load of washing in the fresh, slightly warmer than usual air, cooking dinner, writing in my new journal and surfing the net for nice dining in Adelaide. Tonight, I decided it was my turn to spoil Mr J. Wearing my new cardigan, we went here and I ate a delicious chicken schnitty {which I couldn’t find anywhere in the States!}, we shared cheesecake for dessert and spent the next hour and more playing pool. I won one, I helped Mr J win another and Mr J won two on his own. It was fun. I came home to find my brother packing for his 4 day rock climbing camp, lollies on the table and an electric blanket heated bed. Life’s good –  God has given me a lot to be thankful for.


One thought on “Fun throughout

  1. BJ and I had lunch at the Duck Inn with two last year retirees. One of the couples has a first grand daughter (your German teacher from college had the baby).

    Thought of your arrival as our first grand daughter and prayed that this little miracle will have as much fun as you have had and bring as much joy to her family as you have brought to ours. XX

    ‘People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.’ (Anton Chekhow)

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