Inspire #3

Are you ever worrying about tomorrow? I think we all do sometimes! Instead, let’s try and do something that will make your next day better. Something that may help you achieve something faster, help you stress less, or think and plan something fun.

Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. ~ Doug Firebaugh

To be happy is a choice we make

Go here and here for more inpiring quotes. 3 more days of quotes to come! Stay with us.

God has given us beautiful sunshine today. I actually got hot in a jumper!! {That’s not normal}.  A friend and I got out netball team into the Grand Final this morning and I’m looking forward to getting together with some fun people to talk and plan parts of this. Tomorrow holds some exciting events too. What are your plans for the weekend?


5 thoughts on “Inspire #3

  1. ‘To be happy is a choice we make’ has made me think that there are too many variables in this statement. I was happy today because of the sunshine so this is thanks to God: I am still happy as my football team won (not because of my choice; I would choose them to win every week). Looked out the window and saw the neighbour’s lovely colourful flowers and felt happy (I didn’t plant the flowers- they were there yesterday when it was grey and gloomy). Unexpected visitors who made me happy. I thank God that there are days when I do feel happy and I would choose to be happy every day – BUT… X

  2. A photo from our back door…dear girl, I love the way you make me smile. Proud of your desire to inspire young people to enjoy being part of a team. Once again thanks for the smiles x

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