Sandwich Artist – That’s me!

You can say I haven’t done that for a while! Work. Yesterday and today I did five hours of paid training to work here as a ‘sandwich artist’. I’m tired. I’ll have a part time job at Subway, who are willing to work around any uni commitments I may have next year. Thankyou Lord {His plans always come together!}. One more day of training and I begin for real, in my home store. There is still lots to learn which I’m excited about. I’m especially looking forward to having an income again!

The weather wasn’t too bad in the city today, however as soon as I hit the hills I encountered rain, wind and cold. Not ideal for coaching a grand final netball training tonight but i’m thankful that I will be playing mixed netball afterwards INDOORS. I hope that everyone in Adelaide has company of a heater, warm meal, hot drink or blanket at the moment.

Have a funky Friday and a wonderful weekend!


5 thoughts on “Sandwich Artist – That’s me!

  1. I am so happy for you.
    I found a quote about ‘joy’ which states:
    ‘Joy is experiencing a new lease on life because Christ forgives sins, gives direction for life and is a personal best friend.’ X

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