Some New Starts

The last couple of days have felt busy. I’ve moved around more than I have for a while. I had my first official shift as a sandwich artist on Tuesday, which was followed by another one on Wednesday. Thursday I have off. I’m thankful to be getting an income again but may take a while to settle in. Catching the bus has been a great experience and has given me time for reflection, prayer and reading. I almost feel as though I’m a pro bus catcher already!

Wednesday evening I trekked to my second Uni open day. After a tour, free sausage sizzle and chocolate I sat through three information sessions regarding teaching. Teaching early childhood, primary and middle. Decisions, decisions, decisions! This gave me more of an insight of my options, resulting with me changing my uni preferences. Still praying for direction but not stressing.

Today I have some freedom to catch up with a friend for lunch. We are going here. This afternoon I’m looking forward to talking to my co-coach and friend about speeches for our wind up and then Mr J and I drive to mixed netball late tonight.


One thought on “Some New Starts

  1. I quote from Patrick Lindsay’s ‘Be Happy’ and he says
    Be happy…
    Be flexible
    ‘Keep your mind open.
    Don’t rush to conclusions.
    Be wary of unshakeable certainty.
    Allow for unthought-of-possibilities.
    It will broaden your vision.
    It will strengrhen your final viewpoint.’

    ‘Time cools, time clarifies; no mood can be maintained quite unaltered through the course of hours.’ [Thomas Mann]

    Go the bus catchers!!

    Praying for you in this time of decision. XX

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