A Catch Up

Time has flown, preventing me to get on any computer lately. Now I have some time in the Adelaide Library to relax in some quiet and fill you in on what I have been up to lately…

Yesterday {Thursday}, I found a new shop to add to my favourites. This shop has so many gorgeous things… it is these shops that excite me to have my own house and start to decorate! A few things have jumped onto by Christmas/birthday list from here. Friday wasn’t heaps exciting until late. I worked a five-hour shift before catching the bus home to pick up the keys for my week of house sitting. Then, Mum, Dad, my brother and I had a night out together. We were greeted by a humourous, fun waiter before enjoying Fasta Pasta for dinner. After a feast, together we experienced the atmosphere of the Adelaide Casino. Something different. I spent for designated $4 but found spectating more interesting. Saturday I drove to work, worked my shift and drove home with my window down, music on loud and some time to myself. The evening consisted of my netball presentation, hosted by two entertaining gentleman. The evening was set as a sporting program, “After the Game” where we watched grand final interviews, laughed at game faces and listened to live interviews. I was unaware I would be an interviewee until they announced my name. One of the questions that I was faced with was, “what is your favourite motor car?” to which I answered, “red ones.” {I wasn’t going to tell them that I only worked out Ford and Holden’s were different brands only a few years ago!}. The night ended with some laughs and a talk with Dad and Mr J. Sunday, I worked again but was very strict on finishing on time as I had to drive back home for an afternoon junior netball presentation. This was a time us coaches could boast about our team. I was extremely thankful to receive a massage/spa voucher from my girls along with beautiful flowers, chocolate and nuts. We were faced with many homemade, delicious food. It was a great afternoon. I was able to sit and talk to mum and dad that afternoon for a while before heading to Church and dinner. Monday {yesterday} I worked another lunch time shift, caught the bus and slept with Scooter the cat at the house i’m caring for.

It feels as though I haven’t stopped until now. It is now Tuesday. I was up at 6:00am this morning trying to revise for the STAT test which I sat this morning. It went for two hours. I answered all my questions, plus guessed a few and left the room praying that God will make everything sort out how he wants it too. This afternoon I have a bus waiting to take me home, and then I plan to do nothing other than relax tonight.


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