Living in sunshine, learning to live.

I mentioned what my day was like on Tuesday here. I spent the rest of that afternoon in the city exploring the Central Markets, reading in the sunshine at Victoria Square and eating samples from Charlesworth Nuts (dark chocolate macadamias are delish!) before catching a bus home with Mr J. Yesterday was normal, alarm > bus > work > bus > home. The bus for me at the moment is super, I’m enjoying reading my book, people watching and some ‘me’ time. Mr J says it may become old very soon though, what do the other bus catchers think? This morning I got a small sleep in, opened the blinds to the glorious sunshine and spent at least half an hour lying on the trampoline admiring the blue sky, warm breeze and hills scenery. It was glorious. Now, I’m leaving to learn how to keep people alive {first aid course}, followed by some calorie burning tonight on the netball court.

Thought for today:
Have you prayed about it as much as you have talked about it? Matthew 21:22

Prayer has been my strength lately.


One thought on “Living in sunshine, learning to live.

  1. I am a short journey bus traveller but enjoy watching how many computers listen to music and text or talk on the phone – why don’t some of these people look out the window and see the sky and the trees and admire nature? God’s out there! X

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